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Selfie Challenge or whatever by PucknPie
Selfie Challenge or whatever
TAGGED BY THIS FUCKER :iconlightningeffect:
Ya'll get to see my ugly mug
and my messy room 

ARM I dunno who to tag..sO UM :iconstarsob: :iconxkltran: :iconlittlelemoncake: :icontatsuki-jouten: 
Ya'll dun have to do it-- I just didn't wanna feel like a loser :iconocryplz: 
A moment here with you by PucknPie
A moment here with you
A lil Practice \o/

And a bit of OTP feels :iconeheblushplz:

Please excuse my horrible coloring job \o/


Rosie Yukio (c) Yunisaki

Kreg Anderson (c) PucknPie 
CE-App: Muyiwa by PucknPie
CE-App: Muyiwa
Lets get this done :iconocryplz:

For :iconcrepuscule-estate: 


Name: Muyiwa
Species:  Fairy
Gender:  Female
Age:  102 (Appears between 18-22 ) 
Height: 5'10 / 2.54 CM in Fairy form
Weight: 123lb
Birthday:  August 14th

Class: N/A

Roommate: N/A
Room: N/A


  Likes: Music | Bright Objects | Cheesy Puns | Dancing | Sweets | Plants | Back Muscles | Her hair | Animals | Magic | Flying | The human world | All seasons of the year || tba when rping   
Dislikes:  Horrible Orders | Those who make fun of her hair | Fire | Silence | Swimming | Thunder Storms | Rain | Those who tug her wings, hair Ect. | Her disability | Her eldest sister | Harsh winds | High pitched noises | Dark Chocolate | Surprises 



Flight:  Cannot go to high or fast when in her fully grown state-- but is swift when she's in her fairy form.

Invisibility:  Capable to disappear when in her fairy form to hide from other frightful creatures

Plant Manipulation: Able to control plants when concentrating-- she's still trying to learn however. 


Speed: Very slow and running and even walking because of her ''leg''

Magical (or any time of magic really ) Healing:  Has trouble in healing others and herself. 

Physical Strength: She can pack a punch-- but hurts herself than the other.



Positive:  Optimistic | Sociable | Passionate | Humorous | Independent | Hard-Working | Playful | Loyal | Spirited 

Negative: Intolerant | Self conscious | Conceited |  Boisterous | Assertive | Flirty | Erratic | Impulsive Liar | Fanatical 



Muyiwa is from Nigeria. However, she and her family stowed away onto a ship with humans when she was 18 (very young for a fairy) and went to England. She has five sisters, and three brothers. She's the second to youngest in her family. Their family stayed hidden in the forest- and occasionally the back yards of humans- she was always so curious to the larger realm she could only get so close to. Being faeries, they have the power of invisibility- well in her family anyway- and she used it anytime she could to explore the humans she happened to live closest to. Her eldest sister and the third oldest brother had come along with her- and decided to 'surprise' her. While Muwiya was exploring what seemed like a 'ball' but it was clear and had odd designs inside of it. She was holding and expecting it, when her brother and sister silently brought a feline towards her-- of course being a cat- and seeing two small creatures that seemed like butterflies- it crouched and was 'praying' on them. They brought the feline closer and closer- then shouted for Muwiya-- hoping to scare her in time before the cat pounced. Of course- this went horribly wrong. Before they could even finish calling out her name the cat had already jumped, knocking both of them away and straight for Muyiwa. Needless to say, she wasn't able to move out off the way in time- and the cat tore off her leg. Her brother had snapped out of his shook first- and rescued his little sister while the eldest - after a minute later- distracted the feline- then fled home.

Nua (The eldest sister) was able to stop the bleeding- however, they couldn't retrieve her lost limb. Since then, Muyiwa has hated 'surprises' (what her brother and sister had said when explaining to their parents ) and has a heavy dislike to any time of feline creature-- more fearful of course.  After that incident, the fairy has a hard time trusting and getting along with her siblings. Especially her sister who makes endless jokes and taunts her of her disability.  

Years pass and Muyiwa discovers that since the incident- her magical powers are unstable. She's about 54 in human years and she has yet to be able to heal or use plant manipulation for long or at all. At first, she's very discouraged, feeling like a failure and a freak because of this. However, with her sisters continuous taunts and the pitiful looks she gets- it angers and encourages her that they treat her so differently. Muyiwa works on what she can do- her invisibility and plant manipulation. She can't do much with her magic- but hopes to change that one day. Even more time moves on and one by one each of her siblings move on as well, finding their own homes either back in Nigeria or in some other place in the world. By this time, By this time, Muyiwa is much more spirited and self confident- even if a bit self conscious about her leg. 

At age 102 she gets an invitation from the Estate-- and immediately  goes. It's a good way to learn to possibly stable her magic-- and meet other creatures! Please let there be no feline kinds there..


Father: Bepeh
  Mother: Tayo 
    Sisters: Nua, Oya, Sira, Sade, Yemi
      Brothers: Abassi, Apara, Chike,

  Additional Info:  

- Her prosthetic leg falls off whenever she shrinks into her fairy size
- Can't fly when wings are wet
- Close to her youngest sister and oldest brother.
- dyes her hair whenever she feels like it
- Sneaks out to grab sweets whenever she can
- Leaves a trail of fairy dust when excited 
- Has light patches of skin where her leg ends.
- Has Freckles on her face 

TBH when rping--  
COME JOIN :iconsaeki-ryokan: :iconsaeki-ryokan: :iconsaeki-ryokan: :iconsaeki-ryokan: 
If you're interested in supernatural creatures and a hotel that will probably never let you leave-- this is the place for you 
Saeki-Ryokan: Qaletaqa by PucknPie
Saeki-Ryokan: Qaletaqa
For :iconsaeki-ryokan: 

Forgive me for the trash App :iconocryplz: 
Name: Qaletaqa

Nicknames:  Qale 

Species:  Centaur

Age: 61 (Appearance 29 )

Height/Weight:  7'8 || 1,123 lb

Gender: Male

Occupation: Guest


Stamina and Strength -
Because of his daily life, Qale grows to have touch stamina and strength, it's considered average to centaurs however. 

Chatty || Friendly || Sensitive || Cowardly || Oblivious || determined || Easy- Going || Gentle || Curious || Obnoxious 

Qale is very chatty when he firsts introduces himself, he can't seem to stop himself from running his mouth a mile minute--- or is either unaware he is blabbering about the weather or a snail he saw on a leave during one of his travels. He's often called obnoxious because of this. With his chatter mouth, he's also curious-- he's been living away from civilization for years-- so he's eager to learn. He's always been friendly to those he meets, the person could be ignoring and he'd still act as though they've been friends for months. Which annoys most that he's chatted with that he is very oblivious to. Qale is quite sensitive - taking insults or sarcastic comments seriously, despite his age, the centaur is a big cry baby but he leaves before anyone can see his face. When faced in danger--don't count on Qale. Or you can if you want to high tide it out of there. He's cowardly when it comes to something that involves something scary. Weather it be a demon or being yelled at by a small old human women. The centaur is rather determined to make at least one friend wherever he goes-- until they scare him off but he doesn't lose hope that he'll make one memory with someone. Easy going is what Qale does best. He isn't a leader and tends to go with the flow. With a big heart, Qale holds no violence in him what so ever, even with his size, he's a gentle giant. 


As a child, Qale was actually quite shy and hesitant. Even around his own tribe members. His parents babied him, keeping him close at all times, especially when he was young. They thought him to be rather fragile since he was a pre-mature baby. However, another child Centaur got him to come out of his shell-- awkwardly at first. He was always tripping over his own hooves and ran slower than the rest of the little ones. Even the ones younger than him! However, the more he stepped along side them-- the more confident he became. At age 15, he was still considerably small, stumbled over his own words and fidgeted but his shy smile turned into a full blown friendly one that came naturally to him. He loves noticing the little things-- pointing them out or fires his mouth about what he knew about--which most of the time is wrong and he gets corrected. Yes, he starts to grow. His stamina grows and he becomes swift, not the fastest but no longer the slowest either. 

His childhood friend, Alawa, is his big sister role. Because of her constant teasing and rough attitude, Qale became the sensitive soul he is today. Instead of learning from it-- he became a cry baby, taking it seriously whenever he was teased, causing him to cry. which causes the elder centaurs frown at because of how big he is. As years had passed, he out grown those who had teased him yet still holds the sensitivity of a child. Even at practice when it came to spears and archery or anything that involves, Qale couldn't bring himself to harm another-- weather it was for training or not. Which resulted of always being yelled out. Causing him to cower back and run away. Another thing many shook their heads at. Large being. Small gentle heart. The centaur new the basics but never advanced passed that. Often, he was told he is unable to live up to his name, which made Qaletaqa feel shame..however, he didn't feel right whenever he let himself feel down. Alawa had always told him --along with his parents -- that he could live up to his name if he wanted-- in a different way. So, with determination, Qale helped around his tribe in his own way. Keeping those that needed something they required always near by. Talking to his tribe members with a warm and gentle aura, he connects to them, to lend a hand, shoulder or an ear. His own way to contribute to those he considers family. However, he is oblivious at times that he over does it just a bit. He's kind of eccentric.

After more years move on, Qale notices that his tribe..stays away from other creatures. It never occurred to him that he's never met a faun, a kitsune, a werewolf or a pixie..or a human. He asks around as to why that is and always get a scoff or a snort in answer. It takes awhile for him to realize-- he never gets a straight answer-- even from his parents or Alawa--- that his herd doesn't particularly like outsiders-- especially outside from their own kind. That's why they stay as far away from others-- keeping their distance. Making sure they do not run into unwanted company. It felt odd to him..and it made him curious. 

One day, he went off to explore the current area they were in-- a large forest that seemed to have trees that reach the skies. As he walks, enjoying the lovely scenery, Qale hears voices-- and non he recognizes. Quickly, he moves to hid himself-- behind a tree a couple of ways back. His horse butt sticks out. Peeking around the tree, Qale notices..humans?? who seemed to be lost. They're arguing..and hold out what seems like to be..well he didn't know. It was small and black..and it glows!! Magic? The humans seem to be heading his way and he ducks but his behind is sticking out and one of the humans notice. They glance at one another. Wondering why there is a horse out here of all places?? They make noises-- cooing noises and gentle coaxing words. Qale-- being oblivious, peeks out. They were calling for him?? So, hesitantly, the centaur stands and walks out slowly-- the humans both gasp and jump back-- causing him to jump back as well. Uh oh. What does he do?? what do humans do?? For an old horse, he doesn't know much. Before he knows it, one of them rushes towards him, calling out his breed. 

It was the start of something new. New and wondrous.

After a few fumbling words and fidgets, Qale and the humans actually../talk/ and he loses time. He helps the people out of the forest-- or at least he did his best too. He couldn't go far from his herd.

He comes back to his tribe-- and he receives looks-- some knowing some suspicious but he chooses to ignore them and becomes distant-- lost in thought. Those people show'd him such amazing things! in a tiny little box-- that they said was dying and Qale almost cried. By the time they left-- he wanted to know more! He wanted to know what was outside his herd..what lies beyond what his eyes can see.

Months bass and soon, in his late thirty's, the centaur decides to branch off. Of course, this causes an uproar. His herd isn't pleased at his decision..his parents even less so but..he must! He wants to know more about what he doesn't know. Half of his tribe turn their backs and others give uncertain glances. It hurts, but he..wishes to continue with his decision. Determined to. His mother cries but lets him go. His father is stiff but gives a nod. Alwawa says he's finally growing up. Qale cries and his friend retreats her words but hugs him non the less.

That night he left..and began a new.

It takes him a long while to get used to his new surroundings, many starred-- which he didn't shy away from. He talked to those who did-- frightening them some on accident with his over friendliness. He learns he must wear a shirt-- centaur or not. He makes friends-- he even ran into the humans that he met in the Forrest! they teach him about a technology-- and he only learns how to use a ''camera''..and the call on a ''cell phone'' which is hard to use. However, as many great things he sees and learns about. There is always the bad. went to the sea..and had an awful run in with sirens. Almost drowning when he thought they were being nice-- they weren't nice. He has a scar on his back-- claw marks from them and he vows to never trust a siren. Also grows a fear of the sea.

Now in his early sixties, Qaletaqa got hit in the face with a letter-- or of some sort. taking it off, he says it's an invitation-- to an inn! in..Ja..pan?? Did someone drop this? He looks around and sees no one looking for anything. He stares the invitation, a sudden urge coming to him in a new found light. Well..who wouldn't want to go an (almost) free inn! What a chance this is!

Not long after finding that invite. Qale finds himself in Japan..and with a bit of language barrier..he eventually finds himself at the village and's rather beautiful! What kind of interesting things will he find here.. 


What is your character's reason for deciding to accept the invitation?  
He's never been to Japan- and it seemed like the perfect chance! to expand from his homeland. Plus the orignal owners didn't want to go so why waste a nice invention! 

Roleplay Example [compulsory]:  

  "The caterpillar was so glorious! and fluffy! I have seen many of them when I was young. They tickle when they start to crawl on your finger! Adorable creatures really-- do you wish to see ??" Qale happily ran his mouth to the poor grumpy faun he decided to come up and chat with. His tail swishing behind him, hitting random backs of beings he passes by. The faun mumbled under his breath and started to walk faster-- but it wasn't much compared to the strides the centaur takes.

"Here-- I have a camera~ though it might not be the best..I'm still trying to get used to technology.." He smiles at the shorter being, taking out his camera then pausing. "Er--hold on- wait!" the camera got caught on something in his bag! The faun had taken this chance to bolt out of there ducking and sprinting out of sight. 

"Ah.." Qale stares towards the way where the faun took off and felt tears corner his eyes. " rude..meh."  He pulls him his sarf to cover his face before continuing his way. He only wished to show the fluffy insect!


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